Linear LED Product

The J2 LED Lighting BLB (Basic Linear Bar) is a narrow linear light source, less than ¼” wide, well suited for product display cases, retail shelf lighting, edge lighted advertising signs, and architectural applications. LEDs are spaced at a tight 0.65” pitch for smooth uniform light output.  The design features a thermally efficient four layer flame retardant circuit board substrate and Samsung LEDs for a reliable versatile linear light source. The speed of assembly for the user is optimized with the use of high bond tape provided on each bar.  The bars are equipped with attached wires and operate using 12 volts DC power source. The current is limited by resistors on the circuit board.  Bar lengths can be separated in increments of three LEDs slightly less than 2” in length. Each segment of three LEDs also has a current limiting resistor to independently operate with wires re-attached.

The BLB is currently offered in a 19.7” length 30 LED bar. Two additional longer length bars are available by special order (39.4” with 60 LEDs and 59” with 90 LEDs).  The three bar lengths (19.7”, 39.4”, and 59”) are rated at incremental wattages of 6.6w, 13.2w and 19.8w, respectively.  Segmented bar lengths provide flux outputs of 560, 1,120, and 1,830 lumens nominal, respective to wattage. 

Data-sheet: BLB30_Spec_Sheet_6_17_11.pdf


The J2 FLS1-150-DW (Flexible LED Strip) series is a highly versatile light source providing a linear ribbon of light that may be used to follow the contour of many surfaces.  The strip uses high output single color LEDs for a daylight white source.  The FLS1-150 strip has a loose LED pitch of 1.3” (33mm) Typ. for a balance of quality and economy in a high output LED accent lighting strip.  With 4.8 watts and 320 lumen per meter (39.4”), a one meter strip provides the equivalent to 20-30 watts of incandescent lighting.  The flexibility of the strip to follow surface contours along with high bond tape on the back makes FLS1-150 series a highly versatile light source choice. The FLS1-150-DW series is available in 1 meter lengths, and 5 meter (16.4 feet) reels.

5M Data-sheet: FLS1_150_DW_5M.pdf

1M Data-sheet: FLS1_150_DW_1M.pdf

BLB30 Series - Lighting Bars - Basic Linear Bar (High Output)
J2 Series Order Qty. (Packs) Total Modules LED Per Module Module Lumens Power Supply and Dimmer Kit Total Watts Total Lumens (Typ.) Color Application Length Feet (Typ.) Module Pitch (Max/Min) Inch Lumen per linear foot (Ref.) Incandescent Equiv. (Ref.)
BLB30-19.7EW/1 2 2 30 560 PSD-30W12/1KIT 13.2 1120 Enhanced White 3.3 19.7 341 75-112 watts
BLB30-19.7EW/1 3 3 30 560 PSD-30W12/1KIT 19.8 1680 Enhanced White 4.9 19.7 341 112-168 watts
BLB30-19.7EW/4 1 4 30 560 PSD-30W12/1KIT 26.4 2240 Enhanced White 6.6 19.7 341 149-224watts