CBM-RGB Series Channel Lighting

Clear Body Module Red Green Blue

CBM Series

The J2 LED Lighting LLC CBM RGB (Clear Body Module - Red Green Blue) series is a wide viewing angle light source that combines all the features of our standard clear body modules with the ultimate color spectrum capabilities of RGB LEDs. The full spectrum capability of the modules brings viability to conceptual designs. The exceptional color variation allows the designer to change from a fixed spectrum of white and monochromatic color LEDs to that of a varied and vivid spectrum. Three independent semiconductors within each LED package provides a tight origination point which integrates the light resulting in color uniformity. Applications range from art and sculpture lighting and FX Special Effects to architectural lighting. As with others in our CBM family, the LEDs are Samsung for excellent longevity. Custom color generation is achieved by using a three channel pulse width modulation (PWM) source with independent control of each LED die to set the desired ratio of red, green and blue light. The CBM RGB series is offered in module increments for total wattage that is matched to our power supply/three channel PWM control kits.


Product Status

Available in dual LED, CBM2 RGB module, 12 volts DC, 0.72 watts, Red (525nm Typ.), Green (530nm Typ.) Blue (458nm Typ.), with maximum 50 module count string, at 36 watts typical. See specification sheet link above.

Spec sheet: CBM2_RGB_Spec Sheet.pdf

CBM2 RGB Series - Lighting Strings - Clear Body Module (Red - Green - Blue - "White")
J2 Series Order Qty. (Packs) Total Modules LED Per Module Module Lumens Power Supply and Dimmer Kit Total Watts Total Lumens (Typ.) Color Application Length Feet (Typ.) Module Pitch (Max/Min) Inch Lumen per linear foot (Ref.) Incandescent Equiv. (Ref.)
CBM2-10RGB 2 20 2 25 PSD-30W12/1KIT 14.4 500 RGB 7.8 4.7 64 35-50 watts
White 4.7 2.8 107
CBM2-10RGB 3 30 2 25 PSD-30W12/1KIT 21.6 750 RGB 11.8 4.7 64 50-75 watts
White 7.0 2.8 107
CBM2-50RGB 1 50 2 25 N/A 36.0 1250 RGB 19.6 4.7 64 83-125 watts
White 11.7 2.8 107