Channel LED Product

The J2 LED Lighting LLC CBB (Clear Body Bar) series is a wide viewing angle light source that combines all the features of our standard clear body modules with a thin height profile and narrow width in a bar shape configuration.  Applications include channel letter signs with long stroke lengths and shallow depths, and architectural soffit and cove lighting.  The lighting string bars are also versatile for low profile backlight box applications for advertising signage and POS (Point Of Sales) displays. Samsung LEDs provide excellent longevity and the CCR (Constant Current Regulator) semiconductor circuit built into each bar optimizes light stability and uniformity.

Spec sheet: CBB2-EW.pdf


Available in dual LED, CBB2 lighting string bars, 12 volts DC, 0.60 watts, 37 lumen, Enhanced White 9,000K+,  with maximum 50 bar count string, at 30 watts typical. See specification sheet link above.

Channel LED Product

CBB2 Series - Lighting Strings - Clear Body Bar (Thin Low Profile Bars)
J2 Series Order Qty. (Packs) Total Modules LED Per Module Module Lumens Power Supply and Dimmer Kit Total Watts Total Lumens (Typ.) Color Application Length Feet (Typ.) Module Pitch (Max/Min) Inch Lumen per linear foot (Ref.) Incandescent Equiv. (Ref.)
CBB2-10EW 2 20 2 37 PSD-30W12/1KIT 14.4 740 Enhanced White 10.2 6.1 73 49-74 watts
9000K+ 5.0 3.0 148
CBB2-10EW 3 30 2 37 PSD-30W12/1KIT 21.6 1110 Enhanced White 15.3 6.1 73 74-110 watts
9000K+ 7.5 3.0 148
CBB2-50EW 2 50 2 37 N/A 36.0 1850 Enhanced White 25.4 6.1 73 123-185watts
9000K+ 12.5 3.0 148